All4cellular in Madison, Wisconsin - Sold Defective Products, Removed Negative Reviews, Ignores Customer Contact

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I ordered three refurbished 10W iPad chargers. The products shipped quickly, the day after ordering, and arrived five days later.

Unfortunately, they all arrived in non-working condition. All generated the same "Not Charging" message and indeed I saw no charge increase after several hours of "charging."

When I submitted a negative review, in response to All4Cellular's email request, it was removed from my account and never posted. I tried three more times with the same result before contacting All4Cellular for an explanation.

No response was received.

Tellingly, the product page displays: "100.00% of respondents would recommend this to a friend." Of course, such statistics are easily achieved through lying.

Monetary Loss: $30.


Madison, Wisconsin, United States #810706

All4cellular did send replacement units that worked as advertised. I will buy from them again.

Still disappointed about their rigged reviews.

New York, New York, United States #810566

Thank you for your order and feedback Pinterest @pissedconsumer. We're sorry to hear that the products you received weren't up to par and arrived faulty.

Its very possible that you just got the lemon in the basket.

Have you tried giving us a call? Our number is 877-999-4CELL (235)(Mon-Thu 9am - 5pm, Friday until 3pm). We do strive in correcting our mistakes and work to better serve you. We want to resolve this issue and regain your trust as a customer.

Please email Marketing@All4Cellular for a 10% OFF one time use coupon to use on your next order.

We do apologize for your dissatisfaction.

The A4C Team

All4cellular - Bad Customer Service


This is a rinky-*** company. They would not allow me to return a bluetooth headset that I removed from the package and the original bubble envelope in which it was received, to find out that it didn't function at all.

The charge light never changed from red to blue. Their reason was that the warranty of 30 days has expired. Some readers might say that's ok, but I say that most reputable companies with great customer service like Amazon have a 90 day warranty period.

I didn't need to use it, so it waited until the need presented itself...but the company could care less. Last time I buy from them!

Monetary Loss: $10.

All4cellular in Waynesboro, Virginia - Haven't got my product yet!

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Hello all, as I'm very confused why I haven't recived my case. I ordered in on Tuesday and now it's Friday and I should've recived it.

2-6 buisness day. In the middle is where I would think. Now I've read the reviews and they are all the same. I'm second-guessing myself because I bought an OtterBox but don't know if it's real and that really bothers me and then I pay $20.40 and I read reviews that they've never gotten a product.

My mom bought this and thought it was real but I can tell its not. Thank you.


Brooklyn, New York, United States #730121
Dear michael101200,
Firstly, we hope you received your package and are happy with your case. Secondly, all of our Otterbox products on our site are 100% Authentic. Our Customer's trust and satisfaction is important to us, and therefore we wouldn't risk selling knock off cases. Some of the Otterboxes we sell are brand new but sent without the packaging, which is the reason why we are able to sell some of our products at lower prices than any retailer online. We hope this was helpful and you continue shopping with us :)

The All4Cellular Team

All4cellular in Pleasanton, California - Took two weeks for item to ship

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Ordered item called customer service to ask about expedited shipping was told i would have item 2-5 days. Called customer service many times was told item shipped etc..

Tracking number would not work. Find out two weeks later item never shipped and they didn't have it in stock. Item was listed as in stock ready to ship. Calling customer service is pointless they tell you anything to get you off phone.

Was leaving on a trip and wanted to bring this item now i am going to the store to pay full price. I would stay away from these people in the future.

Monetary Loss: $199.


Brooklyn, New York, United States #730094

Hi, we are sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with us. Due to a vast amount of shipments we do daily, things can sometimes get mixed up.

We sincerely apologize for any of the frustration it may have caused, and we would like to offer you a 10% Discount on your next order. Please email to redeem a coupon code.

The All4Cellular Team

All4cellular in Saint Louis, Missouri - No mfg warranty and lies about their warranty

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Update by user Apr 23, 2013

All4cellular finally contacted after 9 or more months and sent me a voucher for the $45 I was out. I bought another bluetooth with the voucher from All4cellular and haven't had an issue with the company or product since.

I'm glad the finally stepped up to the plate. After that amount of time I must commend them for the effort.

Update by user Jun 12, 2012

I reported All4Cellular to this site, the BBB, and several other consumer sites several months ago. I have never heard back from the company and never gotten a response. Don\'t use this company, when things go wrong you\'ll be left holding the bag!!!!

Original review posted by user May 07, 2012

I purchased a Blueant Q2 in Nov 2011 from In Jan 2012 I was having problems.

I called and was told I could return the product for a refund or exchange the product for a new one. I ask at the time if I had problems with the replacement would I be able to return it and was told "YES" by their customer service agent Amanda. I told them to send me a replacement. Unfortunately my replacement died in April 2012.

When I called All4cellular they said it had been too long and there was nothing they could do. The manufacturer's warranty is for one year. I then spoke with a supervisor and was told the same thing, no replacement, no refund. I contacted BLUEANT in Jan 2012 when my original Q2 died and they informed me that I wasn't the original purchaser and as a result they couldn't warranty the product.

All4cellular is selling third party items and never explained the manufacturer's warranty didn't apply. So, I will never buy a product from All4Cellular again.

They are deceptive regarding the products they sell, They don't offer the manufacturer's warranty, They don't honor their warranty, and lie about the return & refund policy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

Monetary Loss: $45.


Brooklyn, New York, United States #730126

Please accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience!

If you take a look at our FAQ Section, under 'Warranty' - , you will see that we state that a lot of our products are not accompanied by a factory warranty however we will stand behind those products for 30 days and I see that you write that you DID recieve a replacement which we supplied within the 30 days.

The replacement can be returned/refunded as you said the representative told you, but again, only within 30 days of recieving the replacement.

I hope this clears up any confusion and again, we do apologize for this inconvenience!

Thank you!

The All4Cellular Team


I made that mistake with ordering from all4cellular they sold me a used blue-tooth (Jabra) the packing and instruction were missing the bud protector's gone, they did not replace it with a new one and the used one they sent me is still in the box in a drawer because it would never charge.

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